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It is so special to be invited into a family's life on such an important day to capture the beauty of love. With this service, I make sure the Senior's place in time is captured in photographs with all the energy,  spontaneity, and beauty that this kind of occasion deserves. For more details about this service and so much more, get in touch today.


What to expect

High school is a very important time in the life of a young person. When it comes time to graduate from high school I consider it the first major milestone of your life and I will make it a very big deal. If you have this same way of thinking, then the experience I have to offer will be perfect for you. During your senior year of high school, you will want to have a way to remember all the accomplishments you have had and show the world what you have become. The best way to do this is through a senior photo shoot. If you are considering a senior photo shoot you will find that the best time will be during the spring.

Times fill up quickly so you should contact us now regarding your session.
I am committed to giving you the best photography experience as well as beautiful senior pictures. You will want this so that your senior pictures will last you a lifetime. You will find I am professional, personable and am creative enough to find all sides of your personality. In fact, I am so good at what I do that that I am an award winner. My job is to take your portraits and turn them into images that you will adore and will never forget. I really look forward to meeting you soon and hope you feel the same way!

Before anything can happen you will need to lock in your session date and time.
This is an easy process. You can call us regarding the date and time. Once that is agreed upon, I will send you a link that you can securely pay your session fee online.
Once that step is completed, we can then decide on the location. I have a list of locations where you can make the portrait magic happen. I can offer you anything from a nature shoot to a city shoot. This is a decision that only you can make.  This is what makes it personal.


At this time, it is a great idea to start thinking about what you want to wear. If you are stumped you can refer to our website where you will find ideas for outfits, poses, hair, and makeup. These are all ideas that have been done during previous shoots. I recommend that you bring at least three to four outfits to change into. You should wear what you feel most comfortable in, but a few of my favorite ideas are layers, dresses that flow, and chunky jewelry. Before your photo session we will meet to go over all of your clothing choices to be sure that everything will look perfect during your photo shoot.

Another thing that I recommend is that you get your hair and make up professionally done. Some might not think that it will make a difference but believe me when I say that it makes a huge difference! But please do not get make up done if that is not your regular routine. Another special treat you could give to yourself is a manicure and pedicure. It is true when it is said that a camera will see everything. The appearance of your nails is completely up to you. Skin and any other minor imperfections that pop up at the last minute can be retouched but unfortunately nails are not part of this deal. And besides, who doesn't need an excuse to get pampered!
Your senior portrait session should be all about you! You should not be shy or afraid to tell me about any ideas or suggestions you may have as well as anything that you may not like. I want to hear it all.

It is important that during your shoot you relax and have fun. It is my job to make you feel comfortable. I will do this by giving you different ideas and different instructions during the session. It has been my experience that some of the best photos are ones that are candid. This is because when I capture a candid shot it is when you are most relaxed.

A typical senior portrait session will take anywhere from one to two hours. This will include as many outfit changes as we can fit into this time period. It is normal for you to be nervous when we first begin but this will usually go away after a few minutes. Depending on the location of your photo shoot you may or may not have facilities to change your clothes in. For this reason, you should plan on changing your clothes in your car or a good idea is to wear clothing underneath such as biking shorts and tank tops so that you can get changed in public. Your mode of transportation to the session and between the different locations is to be provided by you. If you would like, your parents are more than welcome to join us but be prepared as I may include them in a few of the photos.

So let's get our journey started and get you booked in for a very important experience and step in your life.

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